How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Things To Look For

By | November 17, 2019

How many times have you looked up how to do something, only to be bombarded with information and no clear path on where to start? I know that I look up things all the time, and still have no idea on where to begin with certain things. Same thing when I searched “How to learn affiliate marketing for beginners.”

Just yesterday, I was looking up “How to hand make my own bass fishing lures” and was finding that there were no good ways to say “Start Here.”

I want to at least point you in the right direction on where to find some quality videos, posts, and programs to help you get started!

YouTube Videos – A good place to start learning bits and pieces

YouTube has tons of content. You can find videos of just about anything, including affiliate marketing. I know i have seen a ton of videos on affiliate marketing, some are overviews, some show you what you can “earn,” and some claim to walk you through it step by step, just to have you visit there site and pay outrageous amounts of money to learn “secrets no one else knows.”

Be wary of these videos. Many people advertise their knowledge. But there are also some good videos that will at least get you pointed in the right direction!

But, from what I have seen, many of these videos will get you to go to their site and pay, so you may only get a small fraction of knowledge on how to get started.

Another thing to look out for too is that the information may be outdated. Just as with technology, ways to go about doing things to get started will change as well. The videos may be several years old, and could have information that just is not pertinent anymore.

Overall, YouTube is a good way to get somewhat I call “Primer Information,” as a lot of it is just advertisement to get you to buy their program.

Books – Good Information Source

Books on blogging and internet marketing will definitely get you pointed in the right direction. They are full of good nuggets of information to help you on your way.

Thing about books are, while they are definitely great for a ready reference, they may also be outdated. I bought a book on “WordPress for Dummies,” and while it is a great book for helping me figure out WordPress, which is what I use for my blogging platform, the pictures did not match what I was seeing. It had been written about 3 plus years ago, and wordpress has changed since then. Not all things changed, but a lot did.

Books have to be revised, published, and printed with the new information. This takes time, money and effort on the writers, and they may be slow to get a new one out, if at all.

I purchased a book called “Guerrilla Marketing, and it definitely has good marketing techniques and has been revised multiple times, with new sections added and all. This book will definitely help with internet marketing.

Paid Programs – The good, bad and ugly

Paid programs will definitely get you started on the right foot. But how do you tell if the program is good and going to help you get started? That will require some research as everyones needs will be different. The best one I have found and currently use is Wealthy Affiliate. It is by far the best value for your dollar.

Udemy has some courses on blogging and affiliate marketing. Thing is that you want some support when you have questions, which you undoubtedly will. Also, with Udemy, you get what you pay for, and both cheap and the expensive course may or may not have what you are looking for or will get you to where you need to be. Remember, these people are making these courses to make money, and it is up to you to find out if the courses have value or not. Udemy is still a great way to learn about blogging and internet marketing.

Some programs that I have used (and paid for) are Affiloblueprint and Wealthy Affiliate. Both are great and have a ton of value and information. I have not used any others, but have seen some people sign up for other sites, which promised to help them get-rich-quick, but kept getting upselled to learn the “Secrets.” After many of thousands of dollars and wasted time, they are no better off now than they were before starting.

With Wealthy Affiliate, there is no up selling and the cost is very manageable, especially with the content and training you get. You get weekly webinars, access to thousands in the wealthy affiliate community for when you need help, hosting for your sites, and much, much more for your dollar. They do not promise anything, including making money, as that all has to do with your determination and niche.

I would recommend that you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here!

Other Affiliate Marketers

When I got out of the Military, and wanted to get into Real Estate Investing and Wholesaling, I constantly heard that I would need to go to local meetings and network with other investors. This way we could learn from each other and help each other out when needed. You never know when you might want to partner up with someone on a deal which could benefit you both.

Same thing with Affilaite Marketing. One great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have access to the community of other marketers and we are all willing to help each other out. Some things we do for each other are helping each other out with questions, commenting on their sites, reviewing their sites, working with them on posting and much more.

Some problems I had when trying to work with other affiliate marketers before I started using Wealthy Affiliate was that people you reached out to were not very helpful and felt you were bugging them, even though you weren’t in the same niche.

But I did have some people I knew that would help out and I would return the favor, but finding those individuals was hard to do.

My recommendations

There is a lot of information out there, and finding some that is actually useful will be hard to come by. You have to be vigilant in what information you are using as you don’t want to lose money. While there is a lot of good information, putting it all together is by far the hardest part, but not impossible. You will need to have determination.

If you want to get started and have the groundwork laid out for you, I would recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. The training and community is second to none, and that path that they have laid out for you to get started is all there. Nothing held back, and no up sells. Its everything you need to get the show on the road!

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  1. Brian Keller

    I could really relate to so many things you said in your article. Where’s the “Start Here” button? I have looked also and didn’t get any closer to a step 1-10 process. What I really liked about your article is that you seem to be writing with experience. So I’m going to check back for more info in the near future.


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