Online Affiliate Marketing – My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

By | May 1, 2019

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time. There are many reviews on how good or bad it is and how people think they will make a ton of money with little effort. Just like any endeavor, you will most likely not get rich quick and will require more effort than you may have thought.

Online affiliate marketing (yes there is offline affiliate marketing as well,) is one of the ways, if done right, can make you some serious money. It all boils down to how much effort you are willing to work for it.

I have tried to do affiliate marketing through a different program, with little success. But looking back, it was me and my lack of effort that led me to fail.

In comes Wealthy Affiliate! I had read so many good reviews that I decided to give it a shot. In fact, with my little knowledge of the subject or making websites, I wouldn’t be here today without Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s why!

Training is Easy to Follow!

The training is really easy to follow. With a combination of on-screen text and easy to comprehend videos, I was able to get a site up and running. Here is a screenshot of the steps involved in the training.

Track your Progress Screenshot

Track your Progress

As you can see, these are the tasks you need to complete in the current lesson you are in. Each task completed is a step further in your endeavors. With this checklist, it will help you stay on track. That was the problem I had. Not only did I not know what I was doing, I am not good at keeping a list of things that need to be done.

This was a lifesaver!

Add the Affiliate training along with the Webinars and community training, this is something, that if followed correctly, will get you on the right path to potentially make money!

Everything I needed to Succeed is Built into the Program

I have tried a couple of different Affiliate Marketing Programs out on the Market today, including Wealthy Affiliate. It seemed like every time I turned around, they were trying to upsell me to get better features.

That does not happen here at Wealthy Affiliate! You start out with a Starter Account. There is a premium feature, which I am a member of, that costs $49 monthly, or if you pay for 6 months, it equates to $39 a month. There is a lot of features that, if trying to do yourself, would add to the costs.

In my opinion, the Keyword research tool that is included, Jaaxy, is the best keyword tool out there. I have used Traffic Travis, but feel this one is way better as all of the information that I need is included on the same screen.

Jaaxy Screenshot

Jaaxy Screenshot


This tool has everything, and as a starter, you get 20 searches, but with Premium, it is unlimited. It also allows you to check your sites ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines as many times as you want as well. There is no upsell in Premium, so every premium member gets the same access. I use this tool a lot to do my keyword research and also allows me to find keywords that I had no idea existed!

Another great tool is the Website Builder. It makes it very easy to get my site up and running, and only with a few clicks! The hosting is provided for your site as well, and I already have 3 sites. With a Premium Membership, there is no need to pay for hosting as it is included up to 50 sites. There simply is no other program out there that has this!

Two Different Path, Same Goals

Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be attempting to make websites and marketing other peoples products if it didn’t make me any money. Extra money is always good, and I want to make as much as I can to support my expensive hobbies! And you would be doing the research if you didn’t feel the same!

But, I had no idea what to market. Good thing there are two different paths that you can go, or you can do both at the same time to maximize your potential earning.

The first path is called Affiliate Bootcamp. This training teaches you to market different Affiliate programs and attract visitors and, with your content, encourage them to sign up. Or you could help them avoid certain programs if they have too many upsells or promise riches overnight. You learn to get a site up and running and begin to market affiliate programs and earn money for all sign-ups.

Then there is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training. This is to help you get up and running with a niche site and begin marketing products from places like Amazon, ClickBank, etc. If the visitor buys something you reviewed through your link, you get a commission!

The training will get you from zero to a site in as fast as you can complete the training! Once again, with the premium membership, this is all included.

Friendly Community – Always There For You!

One problem I had with the other affiliate sites I tried is that there really wasn’t anyone you could turn to for help. The only way I could get help was to open a ticket and wait 24-72 hours for a response. It is not like that at all with Wealthy Affiliate!

It is a program that is used globally. Seriously! Anytime I am on, there is someone on the site as well, and if I have a question, I post it into the Live Chat and someone is there to help get you an answer. It truly is a Pay-It-Forward community.

I am following a lot of people, and there is one member who likes the NFL. I do as well, and I am a Patriots fan, and he is a Dolphins fan. Never met each other in real life, but through this community, we have become good online friends and always have a friendly rivalry when NFL Season comes around.

This program has done wonders for me and I know it will for you too! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below and I will answer it ASAP!

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